Actions Affecting The Cost Of SEO


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If you have a corporate website or an online store, you have to expand your presence in the search engines. Thus, you have to consider the implementation of an SEO strategy that will give a good web positioning.

Search engines like Google and Yahoo influence up to 88% of purchasing decisions and at least 75% of users do not bother to look beyond the first page of results.

Statistics like these are not myths: If you do not have a good web positioning you to rank within the first two pages, you are losing more than 50% of traffic. This situation means you lose making new business opportunities. To grow your website, you need to invest a little in a good online marketing strategy.

Increase traffic and visibility of your website, get leads for your business and increase sales and online reputation of your brand.

Without good SEO strategy, your website will go completely unnoticed. Given a large number of websites that are created every day, if you have optimized the right keywords, your potential customers will find it impossible to find.

What actions does SEO include?

SEO strategy can include one, several, or all actions named below:

Market Research

It is an investigation of your company, your competitors, your products, your industry and online marketing tactics and strategies that are more effective in your niche.

In-depth analysis of your competitors

Analyze the actions of your competitors and their marketing tactics and strategies in detail. Particularly those online marketing activities that help grow your visibility on search engines.

Jacksonville SEO includes analysis of:

  • Their profiles and actions on social networks.
  • On-page optimizations to understand the keywords they are using.
  • Your content marketing strategy.

Keyword Research

Research and keyword analysis are the heart of any SEO strategy.

It knows the keywords and phrases that users type into search engines, by assessing its importance and competitiveness. This will help you understand and get to know your potential customers and write content that will attract to your website.

For smaller companies with few pages on its website, keyword research usually happens at the beginning of the implementation of the SEO strategy to optimize page titles, meta descriptions and improve the content.

In larger sites such as e-commerce, keyword research is an ongoing activity that includes a monthly optimization to help get more and more pages ranking in search results. Florida SEO has expertise in both cases.

Optimization on site and recommendations

It is analyzing the weaknesses that can be improved on your page. Here it is where you’ll see results. Simply include the right keywords in a page title, and you will go up a few positions in the ranking of Google.

Jacksonville SEO Company includes the following actions:

  • Improve the wording of page titles and meta descriptions.
  • Recommend or make changes in the content.
  • Create new pages and improve internal linking.
  • Analyze if there are duplicate content.
  • Install and configure a blog.
  • Install social buttons.

Content Strategy

Because of the importance that has earned content marketing in recent years, most experts in SEO freelancers, also offer the development of a strategy and plan contained in its offer.

Reporting Results

It is the last step of the SEO strategy and one of the most important. Thanks to the reports of results you will know whether they have fulfilled and achieved the objectives that were raised initially. As well as actions that have worked best for your type of business and its reasons. SEO does not work overnight; it requires time and effort because the results are long term.

How much?

The price of an SEO strategy will vary depending on the situation. For example, where your website is at first, the number of pages it contains and the number of shares you want to achieve. In this form, SEO companies can help you define what you need. It will help to specify a budget according to your situation. Starting $1000 you can have the basic SEO of your website.

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