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It may have never occurred to you, but images have significant influence as they can generate more traffic to your website or online store. If you properly optimize photographs that you include on your page, they appear well positioned in the results of searches based on images  (Google Images, for example) and consequently the article in which you inserted the images will receive more visits.

It does sound good right? Now you just have to learn how you can optimize your images to gain traffic to your website through search engines image. Do not worry! It’s  much easier than you think, once you learn these tricks.

SEO tips to optimize image

Use appropriate alt text or alternative text.

When you look at a picture of a dog playing, you immediately know what is happening in the photo. However,  search engines do not have this human ability to recognize the content of a picture and understand it. Therefore,  you must be the one to help search engines, through the “Alt Text” to understand the photos in your website or online store.

The “Alt Text” or alternative text is, therefore, the  text that search engines use to read the pictures. The alternative text will also be the words that will be displayed instead of the image when it could not load.

What should you put here? Very simple, a short description of the image with keywords that you want to position yourself. For example, in the case of the photo of a dog discussed earlier, an example of alt text would be “running dog” if you want to focus on general keywords; or “German Shepherd running” for a more specific keyword.

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Say goodbye to sadkhahjadsh.jpg as the file name

Before uploading your image, it is important to choose a file name that represents the image, preferably one that corresponds with the keywords that you want to position yourself. Yes, the file name will also help in the rankings of search engine rankings.

If you search on Google Images, you will notice that the file name of the first results usually always have the keywords that you searched. So pay attention to the name of the images that you upload and avoid the type nomenclatures such as asasafhjdsgh, jpg, 20140902_1901595.jpg or DSC_0118.jpg.

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Image size does matter

Loading time of a page influence its position. It is important that your images do not increase the load times of your website or online store. Therefore, the file size of your picture should be as small as possible.

Do not the browser resize the dimensions of a large image to make it smaller. When you insert a large image size and just modify the height and width to make it look smaller, browsers download first the large image and then display it to the smaller size you’ve specified.

Reduce the image size before uploading it to your website or online store. You can use photoshop or any photo processing program. Even if you do not have such programs, you can use online tools such as  PicMonkey or Image Optimizer.

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The importance of image title attribute

In theory,  there is no direct relationship between the legend and positioning in search engines. However, one must consider the balance between creating pages that are optimized for search engines and pages that look good to your customers.

How can an image title or a caption of a picture affect your position? The bounce rate. Image title attribute is a key to reducing the bounce rate.

The title of an image is one of the labels that stand out and therefore are easier to read at first glance. It’s your chance to tell your visitor that you have what they are looking for from the first moment. Avoid that, after a very fast look, click the “back” button on your browser to return to the search page and leave your page, making your bounce rate grow, which search engines do take into account for positioning.

It is very easy to optimize the SEO of images embedded in your online store or website to improve your ranking, especially with WordPress because the form itself that appears when you ‘ve uploaded an image indicates fillable fields as alternative text, title or legend.

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