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2016 is a great year for marketing and now we’re nearing 2017, the industry is continuously evolving. It’s important to see further to be able to create a right plan which will be effective in the coming year. Without the right preparation, you can easily be overpowered┬áby your more informed competition.

Today, we compiled some marketing trends that you need to be aware of in order to have an amazing marketing ploy for 2017.

Better customer experience.

We can all agree that customer experience has a heavy impact on most businesses. Considering the feelings and reactions of customers can help us determine what kind of marketing strategies are more suited for our target audience. Being able to understand what the customer needs paves way to the birth of effective and creative marketing ideas.

Adapt to new technology.

In order to render our marketing strategies effective, we need to utilize necessary technology that would compliment and support it. New technology makes it possible for us to increase productivity and reach more potential targets. It’s important to keep track of the latest innovations that cold affect the marketing world.

Communicate with video.

Content is still relevant but more and more people are engrossed with videos. Videos make it possible for marketers to develop an emotional bond with their customers. With the properly visuals, music and story, you might find your videos to be massively appealing and even trend across the net. Moreover, most people find it easier to understand the message through rather than reading everything word by word.

Engage in social media.

Social media has definitely changed how information is disseminated and how to attract potential targets. But, if you’re typically blasting generic content and not really interacting, your social media marketing might not give impressive results. Use social media to create some engagement and letting customers know that care about what they want. It’s proven that through witty replies and proper customer handling, a brand becomes more reputable and easy to relate with.

Customers need real people.

The idea of using chatbots is great but getting generic responses will just give a negative impression on customers. Not everyone is thrilled to talk to an automated system and they would want someone authentic to share their concerns with. They want empathy and something that makes them feel special as a customer.

Target a niche.

Marketing online has become congested over the years as the emergence of new businesses build a more competitive ground. This makes it difficult for small businesses to create a strong brand in a sea of competitors. To overcome this dilemma, it’s advisable to focus on a specific niche to target a specific audience. This gives more chances to attract the right crowd and build more exposure.

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